Timeless Fiber Designs

A celebration of the fiber arts where makers can learn where to find timeless and family-friendly instructional materials and patterns and learn more about the talented designers who create them.

Advertising Options - A Work In Progress

Adding advertising to a new website can be tricky. While we want to show you how we plan to lay out the site once it gets established, without the site being established, we cannot make hard and fast rules or determine our true operating costs. Yeah, more than a bit of doublespeak there. It’s just that we don’t want to make any promises now that we won’t be able to keep in the future. And, to be honest, we’re just not sure how we’re going to do this going forward. We opted to launch sooner rather than wait until we had this 100% figured out (i.e. fully programmed).

Now that the disclaimer’s out of the way; here’s what’s currently on our drawing board.

Ideally, Timeless Fiber Designs will never have to become yet another one of those sites where every spare pixel has an ad on it. We want this site to be 100% fiber arts-related and be free of those sneaky ads that we all see from the typical 3rd party advertising options. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that keeping this site funded won’t require including Adsense or those ad blocks that can sometimes have some really disturbing photos in them.

We’re hoping that Timeless Fiber Designs will become a great advertising venue for folks offering items that are fiber arts-related, timeless in their appeal and family-friendly. We hope to offer advertising to those who fit within most of our rules of the road including:

  1. Our Designers
  2. Spinners, dyers and others who produce raw materials for fiber artists (many of which are often works of art already)
  3. Companies who sell the equipment and tools fiber artists need to pursue their art
  4. Artisans who sell lovely finished items
And, hopefully, this will be a way for folks who only have Etsy shops, subscription-based offerings, or offer fiber arts-related services an opportunity to promote their items directly.

As of now, we plan on putting three 300x300px advertising blocks on all project pages and topic/tag pages. Whether we offer them site-wide, by topic or under some other sort of purchasing option hasn’t been entirely decided. A lot of that will most likely depend upon what level of interest we receive, how fast we grow and developing a way to reasonably manage it. 

Benefits for Early Supporters

Initially, and as a thank you for those of you who took the plunge early, project pages will be ad-free. The first 100 projects will be free of the advertising blocks that will appear after the project description and before the related projects list for as long as they appear on Timeless Fiber Designs. (We might change our minds and increase this number, but for now it’s the first 100.) See this post to see how projects will look once Timeless Fiber Designs gets more established.

We are also hoping to make ad-free project pages available, in the future, for a small fee. Again, we are still ironing out all of the details.

As to the pages for individual designers, where you’ll find their bios and all of the projects they’ve shared with us, we hope we can continue to provide them ad-free.

If you would like to be notified when we are ready to start accepting advertisers and have ironed out all of the details, please let us know via this page (make sure to mention advertising in your message) – you’ll be contacted in the order in which your inquiries are received once we begin filling in the available ad placements and before those placements are made publicly available. In effect, those of you who contact us early will be given first choice and first right of refusal.