Timeless Fiber Designs

A celebration of the fiber arts where makers can learn where to find timeless and family-friendly instructional materials and patterns and learn more about the talented designers who create them.

Designer Submissions

Thank you for your interest in Timeless Fiber Designs.

We’re in the midst of a gentle launch and do not have all aspects of the site set up completely; including our site submissions process.

If you are a designer, with at least 5 fiber-related tutorials or patterns on your website or blog; we would definitely like to hear from you. Your initial 5 designs can be your latest, your oldest, most popular or your personal favorites.

As you can see from the projects and patterns already here; each designer will have their own bio page along with separate listings for each, individual project. You will retain all copyrights to your photographs and any written content you have provided but by participating on our site, you agree to allow Timeless Fiber Designs the right to use your them on this site. We retain all copyrights to the written content appearing on this site that was not provided by a designer.

Please keep in mind, we reserve the right to decline designers who primarily make items that would not be considered timeless, family-friendly or are not consistent with our other rules of the road

We hope to set up a way for participating designers to quickly and easily notify us when they have released a new project or pattern. But, that will be part of Phase II.

If you would like to be a part of Timeless Fiber Designs, please drop us a line below. 

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    Tell us in a few sentences about you and your website or blog. Please write using the 3rd person, i.e. she or he instead of I or me…And don’t forget to tell me where to find it!

    Designer Expectations

    Please be prepared to help us get your materials up as quickly as possible once we reply to your initial request.
    Limited Time offer: if you are one of the first 20 designers to participate, all you have to do is either point me to your existing about us page or artist statement and I’ll take care of the rest. (But, I get to pick your 1st 5 projects.)

    Designer Biographies & Artist Statements

    We will be putting up a biography or artist’s statement for you. Bio pages are integral to how this site works and are not optional.

    We would be glad to help you with writing one but, particularly in these early days, it would be great if you could have something prepared for us to use.

    Unless folks get silly, we will not be limiting the length of your bios or requiring a minimum amount of words. However, we reserve the right to make slight edits for grammar and remove links or other overly promotional content.

    We would strongly discourage you from simply coping and pasting the information from your own website or other site you are already working with. We don’t want to compete with your site, we want to help others find you.


    There’s space on your bio page for one photo. It can be one of your projects, your lovely smiling face, your logo or mascot,  a screenshot of your homepage or your preferred advertising graphic.

    We will need a photo of each project from you. If possible, we would prefer photos be fairly free from promotional text (they’ll show off your projects better). But, we would encourage you to include a watermark with your name, company name or site address. As much as we can all agree that watermarks tend to distract from the art being displayed, they are often the only way to identify its source.

    Project Descriptions

    All of the projects we share are accompanied by a short description. Again, you would help us get things up quicker if you could provide this material as well. We’re not expecting you to lay out the entire project here; but more of a synopsis of what your tutorial, project or pattern helps people to create.

    We would also strongly urge you to not simply copy content from your own site or too heavily fill the text with those keywords that you would hope your own site would rank for.

    Additional Projects

    All participating designers are welcome to submit as many additional projects for inclusion on this site as they would like. All submissions will be reviewed to ensure it conforms with all of our timeless, family-friendly and other posted requirements. At this time, we request that designers submit no more than 2 additional projects each day during the early days of this site.

    Advertising Opportunities

    Any designer who is part of Phase I of Timeless Fiber Designs, will never be required to pay to be a part of this site. As early supporters, we recognize that without you we would not be able to establish this site.

    It is our hope that to continue offering this website, we will never need to ask designers to pay to have their designs featured here.

    We have no plans to turn this into a pay to play sort of site. We want to make this site accessible to all fiber arts designers, from those offering their first 5 designs to those who have hundreds. 

    Nor do we plan to make this site a visual mess of ads, menus and lists. It was designed with tons of white space, large photos and limited text on purpose and we want to keep it that way. 

    In the coming days, as we grow and prove the merits of Timeless Fiber Designs as a resource, we hope to open up advertising opportunities to our participating designers and a select group of shop owners, spinners, dyers and those who offer fiber arts-related materials and supplies.