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Dot MatthewsBack in 2006, I launched Crafty Tips Arts & Crafts Directory. I was always excited when someone wanted to be a part of my site. And, when Dot Matthews honored me by submitting her website; I was so excited. She was submission #76. All these years later, I smile just thinking about the wonderful legacy she has left behind.

Dot created over 60 patterns for scarves, baby cloths, accessories, capelets and hats. Her Yeehaw Lady cowboy hat pattern was even featured in Debbie Stoller’s Stitch ‘ Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker published in 2006.

There’s not much about Dot online but Debbie included a short biography. I hope Debbie doesn’t mind too much if I paraphrase it here:

Dot learned how to crochet from her mother. She learned how to make doilies at 12, but only learned how to read patterns 7 years later. Her first project was a 6-foot-long table cloth for her mother-in-law. It must have been impressive! It took her nine months to finish and used around five miles of thread.

After retirement Dot enjoyed “crocheting for family”  including her nine grandchildren, friends and charity. Her first design, a ponytail hat, was written for her granddaughters in 2004.

A co-worker mentioned on Dot’s 2013 obituary and tribute page that Dot loved making things for the holidays and mentioned some of Dot’s creations could still be seen around the office. One Christmas, she made afghans for every member of her staff.

Sadly, she only created and published crochet patterns for 2 years. But, her patterns are so universal in their appeal, that crocheters around the world continue to make them. They are the epitome of timeless.

There are 3 different authorized places where Dot’s patterns can be found online; one only through the magic of the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. She posted on two different blogs. Amy, one of the founders of Crochetville tracked down Dot in 2009 and was granted permission to house all of her patterns and photographs on their forums. Since there are sometimes 3 different locations for a pattern, I’ve tried to provide the links that lead to the most helpful conversation about each project, rather than make them all match.


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