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Karen Whooley Designs Designs, Patterns & Instructional Materials

Crochet Artist Karen Whooley of Karen Whooley Designs
Karen Whooley is an award-winning, internationally known crochet designer, author, and instructor. She develops patterns and teaches classes for crocheters who want simplicity and elegance wrapped up in adventure.

Karen is the author of Modern Italian Lace Crochet, Coastal Crochet, and 21 other books as well as many patterns published in books and magazines.  Her classes both online and live are some of the most sought after in the crochet genre. Crochet is her passion and she wants to take that passion and inspire crocheters in any way she can. Most importantly, Karen wants to bring each crocheter self-confidence and enable them to take what they have learned from her designs and classes so that they can happily create whatever spurs their own crochet passion.

You can learn more about Karen, where to find her designs and keep up to date about her online and in real life classes on her website – Karen Whooley Designs.

When you visit, be sure to check out her blog where she shares helpful hints and tips about completing her designs, when she posts another of her video podcasts and all sorts of crochet goodness.


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