Timeless Fiber Designs

A celebration of the fiber arts where makers can learn where to find timeless and family-friendly instructional materials and patterns and learn more about the talented designers who create them.

The Crafty Tipster Designs, Patterns & Instructional Materials

Michele Tway aka The Crafty Tipster has been playing with fiber, hooks and needles since she was nine. Michele’s website features a number of free tutorials and patterns as well as product reviews, features on other artists and craft ideas.

Before launching Timeless Fiber Arts, she operated an arts and crafts directory for 13 years. Sharing the work of other artisans brings her almost as much joy as pursing her own creative endeavors.

Her primary area of expertise is crocheting with string and thread. But, Michele also likes to play with felt and make appliqués too. Her website includes examples of her thread work, felt appliqués and a peek into her latest endeavors – art bears.

She has probably made and frogged thousands of designs and crochet pieces. But, those that make it to paper, and she’s willing to share, are available on her website.

Be sure to check out her website: The Crafty Tipster.


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