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Snowball Mum

Designed by Michele Tway of

There’s just something about splashes of floral color when the rest of the garden is gearing up for its winter nap. Chrysanthemums provide splashes of color that often match the rust, golden and scarlet of fall leaves. This free flower crochet pattern by Michele captures those lovely flowers in the yarn of your choice.

Speaking of yarn choice, you’ll need to consider the look you’re going for when choosing yarn for this flower. It will work with any size yarn. But, if the yarn’s too fuzzy, you might lose the individual petals among the fuzz. If you want a floppier flower, use a soft yarn like the Caron’s Simply Soft Michele used for her blue flower. If you want a flower that stands up more, use a stiffer yarn or crochet thread.

And, if you’re making a hat and need a pom-pom, Michele’s snowball mum flower might give you the perfect substitution!

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Pattern is available in written form freely on her website.